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About Me

My name is Mitchel Mallari and my goal is to share my personal insight, life experiences, selections of inspirational stories and quotes, and repost helpful articles to help other single mothers and/or dads out there gain perspective after the devastating impact of separation, divorce, and be able to survive single parenting. 

I am blogging to inspire and be inspired. 

To walk this path is not easy not to mention the amount of sacrifices you have to invest to raise a little child or children on your own while juggling with crazy work schedules, play dates, and running errands BUT not to forget... exciting date nights! After all, we also have a life away from it all ;)

Walk along with me as I explore the fabulous world of SINGLE-hood but not so single minded-MOM!.


Let's learn from each other's joy and struggles!


Mitchel Mallari is a part-time nurse, a passionate novice writer, an excellent listener but most of all a thriving single mother to his little dude, Julian.

Contact Me

Via mitchelmallari at raisingjuliansolo dot com or leave me a message to my Say Hi!